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International Dot Day and Fall Book Fair…oh my!

International Dot Day was once again an experience to remember for a lifetime! Students, staff, and even parents were moved to use their CREATIVITY and IMAGINATIONS to come up with all types of “Marks” throughout our schoolhouse, homes, and Library Media Center! =)
Collaborative DOTS were created from a student making the first “mark” and signing it to the final student taking that “mark” and creating their “Dot” and signing it as well…….seaux groovy to see the creations and imaginations at work!
Every child enjoyed the beauty of another’s creativity and added their own special touch.
What a magnificent event and time we had celebrating International Dot Day, knowing that we were part of the 1.8 million others in the world made us feel just a bit closer to everyone.
Thank you, Terry Shay, Peter and Paul Reynolds, and Fablevision Peeps for always supporting us here at Stockwell Place Elementary!
and then their was Fall Book Fair……
Books were flying off the shelves at our recent Sir Read Alot Fall Book Fair! What amazing parents and children we have in our community that LOVE to READ!!!! My heart leapt every time I saw the huge grins on the faces of those babies that picked “just the right book” for them…….priceless.
Also, their little giving hearts donating pennies to make sure every child in our school received a book. Givers……
Our School Community ROCKS!
Today is our illustrator visit with Christina Ellis…..
Stay tuned for more from the SPE LMC!
Lovie =)


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