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Listening for the Changes…..

When life is being lived daily, we sometimes forget that it is also ever changing.  We get caught up in the hustle of “life” and tend to forget to “live it” while we are in the moment.  Lately, I tend to find myself wondering if I am living my life to its fullest or am I living my life to get “through it.”

Slowing down and being still are phrases written in the Word that I read over, hear, but do I really listen?  Am I listening for the voice of God, allowing Him to speak to me, talking to Him before “living” the day?

Emotions are a funny thing to me.  I have so many of them. However, I see an incredible plethora of emotions in my children that are clever, funny, and wise.  Where did those people come from?  We are experiencing many changes in our own little personal family as of late.  They are instrumental in the fabric of each of their lives and therefore affect mine as well.

I often wonder, when my children are making these huge “changes,” have I taught them to listen?  Not to me, but to that voice inside their hearts.  The ONE voice that they should hear above all others.  Has my voice been too loud, drowning out the only voice that truly matters?

My prayer is that in my own life I am still, I listen, and I wisely express the exponential and eternal value of listening….


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