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Lose the I…

The summer, for me, is a time to read, take the days slower, visit more with those I love, and move at my own speed.  

This summer proved to be an epiphany…

Living each day to the fullest is a phrase I have heard a billion times.  Treasure the moments…make memories…   We all hear them, say them…live them?

My heart was shattered this summer, not just for myself, but for those I love more than myself.  Now life has changed, taken a turn, spun them around and landed them in a new place.  So, how now do we live those phrases in this new place?  

I like answers.  I like solutions to problems. I like to help solve issues.  I is a very selfish letter…THAT I have learned.

Every word read, every memory made, every visit, every moment is truly precious.  Live, breathe, love…it truly is that simple.  Help others more than you help yourself.  

Sweet summertime.  Thank you for teaching me the importance of time.  I pray I spend it losing the I in me.



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