Dot Day anticipation…

Creativity…oh how I love the word, the action, the momentum.

As we begin our venture of celebrating Dot Day 2016, I look forward to the unknown.  I think my favorite part of the planning is knowing it will not go as planned.  Kids will create, kids will imagine, and kids will teach me the meaning of creativity and imagination.

Our library is alive with young peeps who will bring a new spin, pump out a new plan, and wow us with their unbelievable incredibleness.  From the hearts of the littles, I learn to have a bigger heart.  From my friends, like Terry Shay, I learn to let get go and let “the littles” create.

What a life lesson AND a blessing it is to be an educator.  Learning from SEAUX many as I try to teach the tiniest part of it all…love.

Love is a verb.  Terry Shay exudes it.  Peter and Paul Reynolds promote it.  The children all live it.

To be as innocent and love as big as a child is connecting the dots  in the way I feel it was intended.  




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