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Libraries and Librarians…Who needs ’em?!

Anticipation of meeting with one of the most important people in the state of Louisiana lends itself to tons of feelings.  Are we prepared for this event?  Do we have the wording that will relay our passion?  Are we all on the same page?

This past year, I have worked with some of the brightest librarians.  These librarians are also some of the most amazing people with a vision that shines bright in their hearts.  The love of children, books, and education connect each of us from south LA to the top of north LA in a way that only those things can.  So, each of us make up the “we” that will be sharing our thoughts at this all important meeting.

Being an advocate also makes me question my humility at times.  How do you talk about yourself and your passions without seeming arrogant?  How do you promote your library program and all that it entails without sounding haughty?  Where is the line between being humble and speaking up?  It has been something that has been tearing me up as of late.  I want to be that humble educator.  The one that only the children know.  The one that does their job so well that I am almost invisible to the outside world.  No accolades are necessary, just tons of hugs from those sweet babies.

However, libraries have to be funded.  Libraries have to fit into the new plan.  Librarians must be a vital part of the big picture.  We must speak up, be heard, be prepared, and prove our worth.  We must have a solution for the plan at hand.

The ball is rolling, we have a plan, we are working on our words to express our passion, the big meeting is tomorrow.  Who needs libraries and librarians…everyone.  Especially our children.  Libraries are more than a room full of books.  Libraries house knowledge, truth, dreams, creativity, passion, and so much more.  Librarians stir it all together and serve it up to every single child that enters those Once Upon a Time doors.

So, wish us luck tomorrow as we meet.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be the first day of our journey to making sure that everyone understands how important libraries and libraries are.  Visit us soon…enter our Once Upon a Time…


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