International Dot Day and Fall Book Fair…oh my!

International Dot Day was once again an experience to remember for a lifetime! Students, staff, and even parents were moved to use their CREATIVITY and IMAGINATIONS to come up with all types of “Marks” throughout our schoolhouse, homes, and Library Media Center! =)
Collaborative DOTS were created from a student making the first “mark” and signing it to the final student taking that “mark” and creating their “Dot” and signing it as well…….seaux groovy to see the creations and imaginations at work!
Every child enjoyed the beauty of another’s creativity and added their own special touch.
What a magnificent event and time we had celebrating International Dot Day, knowing that we were part of the 1.8 million others in the world made us feel just a bit closer to everyone.
Thank you, Terry Shay, Peter and Paul Reynolds, and Fablevision Peeps for always supporting us here at Stockwell Place Elementary!
and then their was Fall Book Fair……
Books were flying off the shelves at our recent Sir Read Alot Fall Book Fair! What amazing parents and children we have in our community that LOVE to READ!!!! My heart leapt every time I saw the huge grins on the faces of those babies that picked “just the right book” for them…….priceless.
Also, their little giving hearts donating pennies to make sure every child in our school received a book. Givers……
Our School Community ROCKS!
Today is our illustrator visit with Christina Ellis…..
Stay tuned for more from the SPE LMC!
Lovie =)


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Stockwell Place Elementary Mock LA Caldecott Awards

Stockwell Place Elementary Mock LA Caldecott Awards

Pete the Cat says…..

Twitter has quickly become a saving grace for the “young” (ha….only in experience,) Library Media Specialist.  Uses are endless and knowledge abounds from all over these United States….sometimes even abroad.  I wake up grabbing for my cellular anxiously awaiting the plethora of posts that I will be fortunate to soak in.

One of the many ideas that have connected me with incredible “Tweeps” is the Mock Caldecott Awards.  Being from the GRAND state of Louisiana, we decided to make this a LA Mock Caldecott Award with three nominees.  All three nominated books are by LA authors and illustrators.  Absolutely a privilege to share these extraordinary and talented LA authors and illustrators with the patrons I am blessed to have walk into the Library Media Center daily.  Even more of an authentic treat is having our very own resident cajun read each of these books aloud via the Lumens Ladibug document camera, projector, and a sound system that is bar none by Extron.  Every little patrons face lights up and hangs on every word as she reads the stories with her down south New Orleans cajun twang.

From the library classes that come in daily to the small group sessions, collaboration is evident.  Librarians, twitter peeps, Skype, blogs, etc. all lend a fantastic opportunity to learn more, see more, imagine more, DREAM more…..

Small group sessions are particularly interesting each time a student has the opportunity to have his/her voice heard in a small setting in the groovy reading room!  Here we delve into what each student needs to focus on to make him/her even more confident in their daily school life.

What an honor it is to facilitate fabulous opportunities for these little patrons.  What a privilege to a small part of such a BIG dream….that every child that enters the doors of the Library Media Center will leave feeling confident, loved, and especially have a larger love of reading.

So, Pete continues to hang on the door….thinking of what is next in the LMC…..surprises abound every time we turn the page…..

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January 14, 2014 · 1:26 pm

Welcome Back to School Giveaway

This is just one of the MULTIPLE reasons that I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I am BLESSED to do!

Be someone's hero. No cape required.

I am writing to THANK teachers for supporting One for the Murphys—but mostly I want to thank them for being who they are. For being with children every day. Affecting lives. Expanding imaginations. Bolstering self esteem. Seeing the child before the test-taker. Basically, being AWESOME.

So, I thought I’d express my appreciation with a giveaway. Giveaway includes:

August giveaway

  • Ten signed copies of Scholastic Book Club’s One for the Murphys
  • One copy of Break These Rules (I have one essay in here that I will sign. This is YA, though.)
  • Twelve  Be someone’s hero bracelets
  • A class set of signed bookmarks
  • Two Murphys pens
  • Two Be someone’s hero lanyards
  • A free 45-minute Skype visit with Lynda during the 2013-2014 school year

To enter, please make a comment below, share on FB, RT on Twitter, or post on your own Twitter acct. Please copy me there at @Lynmullalyhunt. Each share/tweet/etc. is an additional…

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Stockwell Place Believes…..Katherine Applegate and Ivan style!

Skyping with Katherine Applegate has to be one of the most amazing highlights of the 2012-2013 year! The One and Only Ivan is an incredible book that stirs such emotion in all ages and being able to talk with the author and hear how the story evolved is such a gift! Every patron was in awe of Ms. Applegate and loved meeting her puppy as well. These are the moments that are forever etched in our memories. None of the patrons will ever forget Katherine and the time she took to answer their questions and visit with each of them. I know I will forever be changed because of Ivan and Katherine Applegate…..yet another moment in time that I am so grateful for! Thank you, Katherine Applegate and Ivan. Read on!! 🙂

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1st week of self check-out…..exciting!

Monday morning starts the first day of Open Check-out AND class check-outs for all patrons!  This is an exciting day for many reasons.  The Kindergarten classes have never experienced looking at books in the library and the other patrons are anxious to choose that special book……I love hearing their comments and seeing their smiles as they find a great book to begin the new year!

The Pigeon is visiting us tomorrow and he is quite the character!  Stay tuned for updates on how he tries to check out a library book as well…….

Right around the corner is our Fall Book Fair which will also prove to be an adventure because their is so much anticipation of being able to “shop” for their very own books!!    September 18-21 is our Fall Book Fair dates and ALL MVP’s are welcome to come join our patrons at Stockwell Place!


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This summer has been a very different experience from last summer.  Adult children at home, library books in place, sleep…………

Next week I begin to prepare the Library Media Center for the 2012-2013 school year.  Excitement fills my heart at the thought of 750 little patrons entering through the doors in anticipation of finding the perfect book. 

The adventure begins……..more to come!

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Libloggying 2012

My mind races constantly with thoughts and ideas.  My adult children call me a nerd, my students/patrons wonder what is next up my sleeve, peers think I am weird and quirky, yet others feel what I feel.  This “feeling” that I can’t shake is the desire for more.  Do more, learn more, teach more, love more!!

So, seeking to learn more, I set out to start a blog for the Library Media Center.  Add Twitter to the updated Library Media Site and “hook” my patrons into tweets, blogs, and the LOVE of reading!  This is my 1st post…..many, many more to come.  Advice is welcomed and appreciated.  Let the adventure begin……I call it Libloggying!

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